Our aim for this series is to encourage riders of all abilities to participate. The series is open to all SCC members and there is no charge (there are also no prizes). If you don’t yet have a 2015 membership ($30), you can get yours at race registration, or at a local bike shop.


The series is a volunteer effort. It’s our first year hosting a series and some venues are untested. Many riders will be new to the sport and some may be new to racing. Please cut everyone some slack.

The races will be friendly and competitive. Any off-road worthy bike (cyclocross, mountain, fat) can be used. Helmets are mandatory.


We will have two races each day. The B race will be run first, is shorter in duration (typically 30 minutes) and is intended for beginners or slower or more fun-oriented, less-competitive riders. The A races are longer (typically 45 minutes) and will be more competitive. Fast beginners are welcome in A races.


The number of laps per race will be determined after the first lap of the race by the timing volunteer.

Lapped riders will complete a shorter number of laps so that everyone finishes at about the same time.

Riders must register to be on the course and are not permitted to warm up or cool down on the course while a race is in progress. There will be time to pre-ride the course before the B race and immediately between the B and A races.


Please note, cyclocross is not like mountain biking or x-country skiing in that slower riders do not yield (or track) to faster riders. Faster riders are required to pass slower riders safely and in a way that does not impede the slower rider’s progress. Please be courteous if you come upon a slower rider and let them know you are there, but do not expect them to move out of the way for you.

By Kim Chapman

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