May 19 Thursday Nighter

We’re starting to add a little more spice each week.  This week we’ll depart Crimson at 6:30 and once again head westbound on Fourth Line to Allen’s Side continuing southbound to Base Line.  Continue west on Base to the T intersection at Walls Road.  From here: right on Walls, left on Deans, left on Second and go all the way out to Gros Cap.  Turn around and head back east on Second all the way to Town Line.  Turn left on Town Line, and continue up the hill to Third.  Continue on Third to Allens Side.  North on Allens Side up the hill onto Fourth and continue to Goulais.  Right on Goulais back to Allens for a second slog up the Allens Hill.  Finish at the Mailbox around the bend.  Soft pedal back to Crimson.

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