Hiawatha CX Race Day

Sunday saw the first Cyclocross race of the season and it was a great success, Some may say the weather was too nice for a CX race but our racers managed to find ways to suffer anyways.

“A” Race Results

6 laps

Jan Roubal
Paul DeBeer
Jamie Capisciolto

5 laps

Joel Wenham
Greg Hughes
Steve Demidovich
John Santana
Joe Baldock
Gavin Grant
Dan Ableson


Detlef Bernt 1 lap completed (injury retirement)
Taylor Beauregard No laps completed.

“B” Race Results

4 laps

Seth Roubal
Dan Ableson
Jan roubal
Peter Henry
Danny Galarneau
Dan Brosemer
Danielle Anstess
Gavin Grant
Andre Riopel
Tony Talentino

3 laps

Joel Wenham
Sarah Williamson
Jaroslav Roubal

Taylor Beauregard

Thanks to Peter Henry and Jim Dew for the fantastic pictures


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