Road Ride Route – Apr 10, 2017

Reminder: This week we change start locations to Aweres School in Heyden.  Map: Google.

It looks like it’s going to be beautiful weather, so I hope to have the turnout for two or three groups.  This will be the final no-drop ride of the season, but the other rides will have formats that I hope will be fun for everyone regardless of skill level, even if you get dropped.

Remember that you must be a member of the club to ride.  Membership is only $30.  I’d appreciate it if you purchased your membership prior to the ride, but if you’re unable, please show up early and I’ll accept your registration.

This week, the A group will do an out-and-back from Aweres along Hwy 552 to Goulais Mission Rd and back.  Map: Google.  Though it’s no-drop, everyone is encouraged to light it up on the climbs, just soft-pedal or stop and wait to regroup at the top.  I won’t be leading the A group this week as I’m departing for my primary event the next morning, so I’m looking for a volunteer road captain.  If you are willing, please email me at

The B group will shorten the route slightly and turn around at Hwy 17 (or maybe cross it and do the hill on the other side depending on the makeup of the group).  We will decide as a group whether we light up the climbs or ride them socially.

If we have the people and the interest for a C group, it will be an entirely social pace dictated by those in the group.  It will follow the same route and turn around at the Hwy 17 intersection (if there is enough interest for a C group, then the B will definitely add the additional hill west of Hwy 17).

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