Road Ride Route – May 17, 2017

We’re going to swap the May 17 and May 24 plans since I’m travelling and don’t have sufficient time to plan a fun sprint/regroup route for tomorrow.  That means this week, it’s hills!

Reminder: Rides are now starting at Aweres School in Heyden.  Map: Google.

We may have a rainy night, so individuals will decide how many repeats to do.

A group: This will involve two loops (one for those who dissolve in the rain) down Hwy 552, across and up Bellevue Valley Rd, up Hwy 556.  Map: Google.  This was intended to be a drop ride, but given the weather, the group may decide otherwise by consensus.

B group: This will follow one pass around the loop that the A group is doing, and optionally (Hopefully!  Depending on weather, though) another pass down the Hwy 552 hill and back up the way we came.  The B group will be no-drop, but riders should feel encouraged to hammer the three main hills and wait or soft-pedal at the top for the group to catch up.  I’ll be coming off a long drive following a hard race, so I’ll be joining the B group again this week.

C group: If we have C group riders brave enough to ride in the wet, this group will do two to three laps of the Hwy 552 hill depending on pace of those who come out so as to arrange a finish time similar to the A and B groups.  The C group is always a no-drop ride.

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