2017 Hwy 552 Hill Climb Results

Tonight was the second of our four 2017 road events, and the final hill climb for the season.  A typo in my finishing time put me a minute back on the second ascent.  That’s corrected in the results below at least.  Jim took some video of the finish line on the second ascent: Youtube.  Lawrence captured some weigh-in data to quantify power expended fighting gravity.  It will be interesting to compare to power meter data.

Full results:

  1. 10:27 Dan Brosemer (M)
  2. 10:39 Aron Mohammadi (M)
  3. 10:41 Don Boucher (M)
  4. 10:48 Ben Warnock (M)
  5. 11:01 Eric Piscopo (M)
  6. 11:22 Lawrence Foster (M)
  7. 11:58 Reg Peer (M)
  8. 13:37 Danielle Anstess (F)
  9. 13:43 Jared Nicholson (M)
  10. 14:10 Erin Ratelle (F)
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