Jun 14 Road Ride – Points Laps

This week, we will do a series of short laps.  We will ride for 90 minutes along a 10km loop.  Each lap will be worth 10 points.  In addition, points will be awarded in lap finishing order five deep.  You’ll earn 10 more points for 1st, 6 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 2 for 4th and 1 for 5th.  We’ll post point totals on the website afterwards for bragging rights.

I need to start a little late this week, so we are starting at Echo Bay Central Public School at 6:45pm.  Map: Google.

Laps:  We’ll roll out by heading up Church St to Pioneer Rd and down to Watson Rd at a SUPER social pace.  I’d like for C-group riders to be happy with this slight stretch of the leg, so 20-25kmh depending on riders (don’t worry if you want to go fast, you’ll have plenty of opportunity shortly when the loop begins.  Our start/finish line will be the first driveway after we pass Fords Rd and the loop will be a simple “take every right turn” route (Right on Cemetery, right on Bar River, right on Fords, right on Watson)  Map: Google.  Be careful, this is the Echo Bay area and there may be gravel, horse dung, potholes, and many other road hazards.  This is sure to be some fast-paced bunch riding, so please make sure to signal hazards to others in your group.

At the 80min mark, no new laps will start.  We’ll regroup at the Fords/Watson Rd intersection and pedal social back to the school when we’re finished.  I recommend bringing bug dope for regroup-time.

C Group:  I think that C Group riders will find this an interesting and challenging loop and encourage everyone to join in.  It’s a short enough loop that you’ll often have someone in sight to attempt to chase down or to be chased by!  However if the idea of going hard doesn’t appeal, some riders may wish to do a social ride along the same route we took last week.  If you intend to just ride a social loop, please let me know before we head out so we know to meet you at the school after the ride rather than the Fords/Watson Rd intersection.

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