Jun 28 Road Ride – Wednesday Night Worlds

Reminder: Rides are now starting at Echo Bay Central Public School at 6:30pm.  Map: Google.

Remember that you must be a member of the club to ride.  Membership is only $30.  I’d appreciate it if you purchased your membership prior to the ride, but if you’re unable, please show up early and I’ll accept your membership.

The A and B groups this week will ride a drop-ride at race intensity.  We’re not racing, but it’s good practice!  I’ve kept all the loops on the east side of Hwy 17 this week since we don’t have any neutral segments mid-ride to cross the highway.  Still, of course, the highway isn’t the only hazard out here.  Watch out for cars, horses, gravel, potholes, dung, and all manner of other treacherous road surface.

A group: Expect to ride hard.  This group usually gives no quarter.  Roll out neutral from the school up Church St and across Hwy 17.  Turn left on Hwy 638 and when we pass the Echo Lake Rd sign, the game is on!  Follow 638 to McCarrel Lake Rd and hang a right.  Take the next right on Watson Rd and left on Cemetery  Rd (watch for gravel).  Right on Bar River Rd and all the way to Government Rd.  Hang a left and head up the first kicker on Laird Hill to Lake George Rd for another left, followed by a left on Lapish Rd.  Through the intersection at Bar River Rd, Lapish becomes Fords Rd and a good solid hill.  Another left on Watson Rd and follow the winding descent to Pioneer Rd.  Finish is at the driveway on your left just before Pioneer Rd.  Turn right on Pioneer and right neutral back to the school.  Map: RidewithGPS.

B group: The B group will ride a slightly shortened version of the A group’s loop.  Instead of turning left on Lapish Rd, this group will turn right on Ford Rd and cut off a few km in the southern loop.  Map: RidewithGPS.


C group: This will be social, no-drop ride following a further-shortened version of the B loop.  Rather than going all the way to McCarrel Lake Rd, this group will turn right on Cemetery Rd to cut off about 5km.  Depending on how the riders feel, the group may cut across Watson Rd to head home rather than going all the way south to Bar River Rd and back up Ford Rd.  Map: RidewithGPS.

If you’re not sure which group you should ride with, we have a breakdown at the end of the formats page based on the pace or power that you normally ride at.

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