July 26 Road Ride – Sprint/Regroup (Flat)

We’re repeating the same sprint/regroup format we’ve been following on the island, only this week will be mostly flat for the sprinters.  Shawn will lead the C-group on a social tour of Sailor’s Encampment and surrounding roads.

Reminder: Rides are now starting at the large parking lot in Richards Landing at 7:00pm.  Plan to stick around for pizza and beer after. Map: Google.

A and B groups: This format is fun for riders of varying speeds, so we’re mixing the two groups this week.  Everyone will struggle and most will get dropped on one segment or more, but never for more than 10min before we regroup and ride social to the next segment.  Format reminder: Riders are expected to light it up on the segments, and some riders will absolutely get dropped.  At the end of the segment, everyone will stop or soft-pedal until the entire group is back together before riding at an easy social pace (no pushing it at all, everyone should feel comfortable) to the next segment.

If you’re normally a B-group rider, you will get dropped on the sprints.  Use them as an opportunity to push yourself or see how long you can hang on to the back of the lead group and you’ll get a solid interval workout.  It’s a great way to get faster.  Don’t worry about holding anyone up in a sprint/regroup format since you can bet the fast riders will need a break at the end of the segment!

The route is about 43km out of Richard’s Landing via back roads and up to F&G Line where we’ll ride over to 20th Sideroad and on down to Hilton Rd.  Ride along Hilton Rd to the highway and follow it back through Sailor’s encampment to our waiting pizza and beer. Map: RidewithGPS.

Segment 1 (flat) – Hilton Rd from 20th to 10th Sideroads.
Start: After rounding the corner on to Hilton Rd.
End: Last driveway before 10th Sideroad (white mailbox on the left).

Segment 2 (flat) – Hwy 548 wind tunnel.
Start: If sunny  and dry, the top of Gilbertson’s hill.  If raining, once we regroup on the flats below the hill.
End: Maguire Drive signpost

Segment 3 (flat) – Town Line Sprint.
Start: Intersection of A Line and Center Line Rd.
End: Richard’s Landing Signpost.

C group: This will be a social, no-drop ride about 30km touring some of the more picturesque roads near Richard’s Landing.

If you’re not sure which group you should ride with, we have a breakdown at the end of the formats page based on the pace or power that you normally ride at.

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