Aug. 6th – Touring/Sportive Ride – Century ride to St Joe’s

This Sunday is our century ride. It’s 100 of course and it’s in miles if you start from John Rhodes, in kilometers if you start from Echo Bay and in half-kilometers if you start from the turn-off to the Island.

Depart at 9:00am from John Rhodes or 10:00am from Echo Bay or 11:30am from the parking at the turn-off from Highway 17 to the Island

  • From John Rhodes to Echo Bay
  • Echo Bay to Government Rd
  • Government Rd to St. Joe’s Island
  • To Hilton Beach, Hilton Beach Rd, Twin Lakes
  • Right on Hwy 548
  • Lunch in Richards Landing
  • Back to the Soo same way

Distance about 160km from John Rhodes, 100km from Echo Bay and 50km from the turn-off.

– Jean-Noel

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