Trail Assessments Underway!

Assessing the Pinder Trail

The snow is not completely gone but the assessments must go on!  Tonight was the Pinder.  Snow cover is 20-30%, mostly in patches that can be ridden across.  There are a few trees down and across the trail, so if you ride, use caution.  I’ll post an update when the trees have been removed.

Tomorrow night I will be out to assess more trail in preparation for Saturday’s maintenance day.  If you would like to help, I’ll be leaving from the Hiawatha parking lot at 7pm.  The purpose is to identify areas for Saturday’s maintenance activities.

I’ll be riding the trail slowly (and walking through some snow) and taking notes/mapping.  Plan on lots of stopping and clearing of sticks from the trail.  If you have pruners or a pruning saw bring them along.  Bring lights just in case we get on a roll and don’t want to stop!


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