Road Ride April 9th 6:30pm McMeeken Arena

Our last regular ride from McMeeken (map: Google) for this season will test us on a series of small hills.  It will be a social no-drop ride (the final one for the season for the A and B groups), but feel free to open up the legs on the hills and soft-pedal to regroup by the next turn.  The rest of the time, we’ll ride at a social pace for the B group.

I expect to be *exhausted* by 6:30, so if anyone is willing to step up to lead the A/B group this week, I’d appreciate the opportunity to just sit in and ride.  Please email

A and B groups will begin by riding up to 3rd Line and across to Allen Side Rd.  After taking a left, we’ll head all the way down to Base Line and across to Town Line.  A left will add a loop around Herkimer for a nice view and we’ll head up Carpin Beach Rd.  Open it up after we safely cross 2nd Line, and we’ll regroup before turning on to Maki Rd.  Open it up again after Avery Rd and we’ll regroup again at Maki and 3rd Line after a good solid climb.  Continuing East on 3rd line, we’ll go left on Allen Side Rd and up the hill to 4th line.  We’ll regroup by Moss Rd for a nice quiet warm-down on the way back to McMeeken via Moss Rd and 3rd Line.  Map:  RideWithGPS

Shawn will lead a social, no-drop C-group ride around some of the flatter roads in the area.  This group rides at the pace of the slowest rider.

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