Road Event – Merckx TT – Echo Bay – July 18 7:00pm

We’re going to wrap up our Echo Bay series with a Merckx TT out at Echo Bay.  “What’s that?” you ask?  It’s a TT where you’re not allowed to use any TT-specific equipment.  So no space-age bikes, aero bars, TT helmets, etc.  Skin suits are on the edge.  We’ll allow it, but we’ll make fun of you.  🙂  Basically if you’d see it in a sprint stage of the Tour de France, it’s allowed.  The goal is just to make it about the rider as much as possible and not the equipment.

Please park at Echo Bay Central Public School and ride out to the start.  Map: Google.  The ride will start at the corner of Watson and Pioneer Roads.

We’ll have two distances.  The full distance is a 33km loop and the short version is 17km.  Choose wisely!  We’ll have timing for both distances.


Head up Pioneer Rd and take Hwy 638 out to McCarrel Lake Rd.  Head south to Watson Rd and take that to Cemetery Rd.  We’ll do two laps of a short loop here, so head down Cemetery to Bar River Rd, across to Ford Rd and up to Watson Rd.  Hang a right and get back to Cemetery Rd.  Go south again to Bar River Rd but this time we’ll take Bar River Rd all the way to Government Rd.  Head right and take the winding route all the way back to Watson Rd.  Head right for a short distance to the finish.  Map: RideWithGPS


We’ll send you off out scenic Watson Rd all the way to Cemetery Rd.  You’ll head right and down to Bar River Rd.  Turn right again and ride along to Government Rd where you’ll head right again.  More winding, scenic road ahead before a final right on Watson Rd and the finish just ahead.  Map: RideWithGPS



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