The Whole Enchilada – 2018

Do you find yourself always riding the same trails at Hiawatha?  Do you know where Swoop, Stickman Drive and Drop Ahead are?  We’re planning a series of rides to get people out to see and ride (with maybe a little walking) the entire Hiawatha trail system.

The riding plan will be to do the Pinder on night 1, Crystal on night 2 and the Red Pine spread over nights 3 and 4.

This is a mountain bike ride for beginners and intermediates.  The only qualification is the ability to ride about 10 km in an evening.  No one will be left behind.  You may not ride every section of trail, but you will see it all, so that you can aspire to riding it all!

Scheduling will be a bit fluid as I try to schedule around home and work activities, but my aim is to have four ride nights in August.  However, this may need to stretch in to September.  Depending on the level of interest, we may be able to have repeat nights (e.g., if you missed the Pinder night, we could do a make up night later).

We will track our progress using an official (and soon to be highly coveted) Hiawatha Trail Passport.

Success will be measured by how many riders can say “I rode the Whole Enchilada!” at the end of the four nights.  There may even be rewards for those who complete the Whole Enchilada.

Nightly Distance: 8-10 km

Bike Suggestions: Mountain bike or fat bike

Supplies: hydration and snacks

Scheduling: approx. 1/week, first night Wednesday August 1, gather at 6:30 in the Hiawatha parking lot

This is a new ride concept, so feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to make up some answers.  I will set up a Facebook Event page and would appreciate if you indicate your interest there, so I know what to expect on the first night.


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