Wednesday Night Gravel Ride – Sep 12 – 7pm – Aweres School

For our second gravel ride of the season, we’re going to play it by ear a bit.  We’ll meet at 7pm at Aweres School in Heyden and from there, we’ll head down Hwy 552 and on up my favorite climb, an “enhanced gravel” trail that goes back up the hill to a piece of disused lumber machinery.  From there, we’ll decide whether we’re going to head out more enhanced gravel out to Hwy 17 and loop around to the school or if we’re going to head straight back down and then out some smaller, mixed gravel/pavement roads (the route pictured in the featured image).  Either way, we’re going to have an awesome time!

Sunset is getting earlier and earlier, so please bring lights.  I expect and hope to be back to Aweres before it’s terribly dark, but we never know what’ll happen to hold us up.

Shawn will be there with a road bike for anyone looking for a social C-group ride on pavement.

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