Sprint Regroups

Who’s ready for some new scenery? Me at least and I plan the rides. We’ll meet in Heyden tomorrow (Wednesday, May 29th) at 7 at the Aweres School .

Here we will change the way we’ve been splitting the groups, with the A and B riders having some sprint/regroups on a 38km route along 552 to Post Office Rd where you’ll turn around and head up Bellevue Valley Rd for the big climb before coming back to Aweres School on Hwy 556. You will ride socially until you get to the three sprints and the, well, sprint. At the end of the sprints sections, everybody will  wait or soft pedal until everybody has caught up.

The first sprint will be a flat sprint on Hwy 552 starting at Hwy 552 and Pruce Rd. and Ending at the Intersection of Hwy 552 and Post Office Rd.

The second sprint is on the climb. It will start at the bend in the road  at the beginning of the climb and end at the culvert after the “Stop Sign Ahead” sign. (Note: this is not the same as the Strava segment. This is for fun, not contesting the K/QOM. Please do not race up to Hwy 556.)

If your legs are still up for it, there is a bonus sprint on Hwy 556 from the “Road bends left” sign to the Ulch Rd sing just before the railroad tracks. (Note: This also is not the Strava segment. We’re here to have fun, not to set new Strava records. Please do not race across the railroad tracks.)

For the C group, I have three possible routes depending on how much punishment we want to endure. The route will be decided by the riders before we set out. This will be a completely social ride, but friendly sprint challenges are permitted.

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