Gravel Series #2 – Echo Bay – Jun 17 @ 7pm

On Monday, we’ll have the second in our summer gravel series.  Meet at the school in Echo Bay for a 7pm start.  The ride will be on a mix of pavement, gravel roads, and doubletrack.

We’ll start with a solid pavement block to get to the best gravel by riding out Church St to get to Pioneer Rd which we’ll follow to Government Rd.  We’re in for a bit of a treat with Laird Hill and then we’ll head out Pumpkin Point Rd to get to our first gravel sector (Porchuck Rd).  We’ll loop back using the paved Reid’s Rd and on to a mix of gravel, paved, more gravel, and then doubletrack on Lakeview Rd.  After the doubletrack, we get spit out into a small residential area which we’ll wind through and end up at Hwy 17B.  After a short trip northwest on some good shoulder, we’ll turn right on Echo River Rd for one of the longest stretches of gravel around.  That’ll spit us back out at the school after a total of 50km.

We should have time to make it back to the school by dusk, but please plan for the unexpected and bring lights.

Route: RidewithGPS

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