The Whole Enchilada – 2020

2020 Whole Enchilada Passport Cover

The Whole Enchilada is back for a third year with a new format!  The format may have changed (see below) but the objective is the same… get out and ride the entire Hiawatha trail system. 

Do you find yourself always riding the same trails at Hiawatha?  Do you know where Swoop, Stickman Drive and Drop Ahead are?  The Whole Enchilada challenges you to get out to see and ride (with maybe a little walking) the entire Hiawatha trail system. Ride/walk the segments and then check them off in your downloadable 2020 Whole Enchilada Passport.

This is a mountain bike ride to challenge beginners and intermediates.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills to ride all of the trails, just walk the tricky bits.  We want you to see the full breadth of the trails we have.  The only rule is you have to complete all of the segments in 2020. You can break the journey up in to as many, or few, rides as you like.

Success will be measured by how many riders can say “I rode the Whole Enchilada!” at the end of the season.  Upon completion of your Whole Enchilada Trail Passport, Sault Cycling Club members will be awarded an official Sault Cycling Club 2020 Whole Enchilada adhesive medal (great for proudly displaying on your bike’s top tube).  To claim your prize, send a picture of your completed passport to


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