Meet the Club! Eric Eddy, Past President

Meet Eric! He was the President of the SCC until this past Spring where he passed on the torch. He’s done some amazing work for the club and will continue to provide support and guidance.

I enjoy the freedom a bike provides people of all demographics. Growing up, some of my best memories are on a bike with the neighbourhood kids. My passion for cycling has developed more recently; starting in 2012 with mountain biking and then added a road bike in 2014. Seeing our community of cyclist grow and develop all while building new trails responsibly and advocating for cycling is very exciting. This is the biggest motivator for me and keeps me energized as a member of the SCC.

The rides I currently look most forward to are with my son. Riding single track or rolling along the hub trail it is always an adventure. Realizing that some of the simplest things on a ride can be the topic of conversation for many days reminds me to try to slow down and appreciate that I am turning pedals and having fun.

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