Meet the Club – Advocacy Director, Andre Riopel

Meet the Sault Cycling Club Advocacy Director who has a vision for a city-wide interconnected trail system that he’s working tirelessly to make possible for our city.

Name: Andre Riopel
Position: Advocacy Director

Current Project: Finn Hill Trail

I’m now the official oldest and longest serving executive member of the SCC going back to 1981. My current title is advocacy director, a role and passion I have held all my adult life. I am a strong believer in the transformative power of this elegant simple machine both on a personal level and community level. Through my years of advocacy work I have never seen a time of growth we are seeing now. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for society to realize how much sense it makes to move by human power instead of driving.

Some highlights of my advocacy career include spear heading STAC and the genesis for the Hub Trail. Last year I was given the inaugural Public Health Champion award for my work over the years. That really meant a lot for me.

I also spearheaded the Esposito Park asphalt pump track with the help of many others including Dean Greenwood and the generous support of Dale Harrison and the City of SSM. This project has been a great addition to the downtown area. It’s one of a few asphalt tracks in the country and is well used by cyclists of all ages and abilities.

I am a firm believer that behavior is dictated by the environment we Iive in and people will ride bikes when there are safe and convenient places to do so.

My long term vision is the creation of a interconnected city wide trail system.

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