Meet the Club! Director at Large – Ben Davey

Meet Benny Davey! He’s a Director at Large for the SCC with his focus set on trail maintenance and development. His goal is to make Bellevue Valley safe and accessible to riders of all skill levels.

Name: Ben Davey
Position: Director at Large

I have lived in Sault Ste Marie my whole life. I am happiest when doing something in the great outdoors and hanging with my amazing wife Sarah and our Son Wesley. I work as an Account Manager for an industrial water management company.

Interests: Mountain Biking, split-boarding, Trail Building, kayaking, hiking or camping.

I got formally involved with the Sault Cycling Club because I want to continue to see the growth of cycling in our community.

I am hoping to work predominantly in trail maintenance and development. We have a great opportunity for growth of the trail systems in the area. I have a specific focus on the Bellevue trail system as I have been working and riding for many years. I would like to see the trails officially adopted by the cycling club so we can continue to improve access and safety for all users.

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