Meet the Club – Director at Large, Dan Brosemer

Meet Dan! He’s a Director at Large with the Sault Cycling Club and has a great knowledge of all things bike related! If you’re looking for a new place to adventure to on your bike, Dan is the man to ask!!

Name: Daniel Brosemer
Position: Director at Large

A bit about myself: When I was young I realized that I really liked running. I lost track of fitness at University and for a while afterwards. I got back into running for a bit and then learned that cycling was a real sport that I could compete in. I love both the physicality and strategy that comes with bike racing. I worked in IT for nearly two decades, but still do a bit on the side. I really just want any excuse to get out into nature.

Interests: I like the bio-chemist, science side of sports. A need to take care of my growing myriad of bikes led me to a love of bike mechanics. I got into coffee roasting, bread baking, craft beer and all manner of food and drink that taste good.

Why I am a part of the cycling club: My favourite part of riding is to go exploring places I’ve never seen before, but sometimes even better is taking the opportunity to show someone around a place I’ve recently found. Leading group rides forces me to go explore new places when I’m not otherwise motivated to do so.

Why I love biking: Why, I love suffering, of course.

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