Fritter Challenge!

The Voyageur’s Lodge and Cookhouse in Batchewana is opening soon, and it is time for our new Road Directors favorite cycling snack… fritters!  

Darrel is riding to the Voyageur Lodge on Sunday April 11th. Want to challenge yourself too?? Check out the ride link below. If you are unsure about the distance perhaps plan to have someone pick you up in Batchewana and just make the one-way, mostly downhill, trip!

Be sure to post a picture of yourself eating a well deserved treat and tag us in it! @saultcyclingclub

Ride Note: Once you get past Chipawa Falls the shoulder narrows.  If you get to a rough patch which may push you onto the roadway perform a shoulder check to make sure it is safe to do so. Consider taking the gravel shoulder if your bicycle allows.

Happy Riding!

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