Fat Bike Riding Season

Although the riding season is winding down there are still some great spots and conditions to be found and ridden later in the season!
Hiawatha Highlands:
Although we have not been grooming conditions on the Crystal remain good, the forecast for the immediate future with the cooler temperatures mean that the trails will remain in reasonable conditions for riding, please do watch out for post holes and ride with caution. If the forecast is for temperatures above freezing please ride earlier in the day before the snow warms up, the more we avoid riding the trails when it is above 0 degrees the longer the trails will last as your tires will not create a rut. Farmer lake will likely see more foot traffic so expect more post holes out there.
Crimson Ridge:
Crimson has also ceased grooming for the season however their trails remain open, again the more we can avoid riding in above freezing temperatures the longer the conditions will last.
Stokely Creek:
Stokely Creek has now ceased grooming for the season, for those looking for somewhere new to ride the ski trail network will be best when conditions are below zero and we do not see any significant snowfall. If riding out there stay to the left or right of the trails where the groomer tracks have run, the middle section will be soft as the tracks of the groomer do not pass over this section. Please be aware that skiers may continue to use the trails for the rest of the season so ride with caution and respect any established classic ski tracks.
Finn Hill, Fort Creek, St Katari & Whitefish Island:
Trails here are likely to remain good as snowshoers and walkers continue to use the trails, ride with caution as there may be post holes and respect other trail users.
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