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The Sault Cycling Club is a registered not for profit corporation that depends on membership fees and donations to achieve our mission of promoting cycling and cycling-related activities. In promoting cycling, the club engages in stewardship of several local events and trail networks.

Donations can help support many great things:

  • Maintaining and building trails.
  • Trail markers and signage.
  • Training on responsible trail maintenance.
  • Fat biking groomer’s fuel and storage costs.
  • Insurance.
  • Development of proposals at city hall to make our city a better place to ride.
  • Supplies for the events we run (Ex. Race tape to mark courses)
  • Running & supporting kids programs (KSS Farm Team, and Kids Shredding Singletrack.)

Finn Hill MTB Project

We kicked off our fundraising campaign in February of 2021 for a flow trail to be built in the summer of 2022 by professional trail builders.

SD Groom

Grooming Fat Bike Trails

Grooming fat bike trails at Hiawatha Highlands means additional costs for groomers fuel, storage, signage and insurance that protects our landowner partners.

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Trail Maintenance

Continued permission for use of the private properties for mountain biking at Hiawatha Highlands is a privilege that must be maintained through responsible maintenance and use of the trails.


Kids Programs

Kids Shredding Single-track (KSS) and the KSS Farm Team are our local SCC initiatives to encourage youth cycling in our community. Donations help us run these programs.

Do you want to donate to a specific cause?

If you would like to mark your donations towards a specific project, such as the Finn Hill MTB Trail Project, Fat Bike Grooming, Trail Maintenance etc. please indicate so when you make your payment.

We thank you for your support!!

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***Please note that as a not-for-profit we are unable to issue tax receipts. 

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