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How to guide for virtual race series 2022
We will be using RGT Cycling ( to run these races. The great news is that it is 100% free for you to join (as long as you are a 2022 Sault Cycling Club member) as the club’s membership covers you!

Their how to guide can be found here:

There will be two race series, one open to all and one exclusively for the ladies.

You will need the following:

– Trainer with smart capability
– Bike
– TV/Laptop/Tablet to display software

O P E N   T O   A L L  (7:30 – 8:30 PM)

  1. Tuesday, February 8 – First to Finish
  2. Tuesday, February 15 – Elimination
  3. Tuesday, February 22 – Time Trials

L A D I E S   O N L Y   (7:30 – 8:30 PM)

  1. Friday, February 11 – First to Finish
  2. Friday, February 18 – Elimination
  3. Friday, February 25 – Time Trials

F O R M A T   T Y P E S

– Straight race, first to cross the finish line wins!
– Elimination Race, riders start together and a specified number of riders are eliminated each lap, the last three will sprint it out for the win!
– Time Trial, Riders are set off with time gaps, the fastest time on the course wins!

H O W   T O   W I N

Points will be awarded for the top 5 riders in the straight race and the time trial and the top 3 riders in the elimination race.

A link will be provided to take you directly to the event on the evening of each race.

The event is finished.

Thanks to our sponsors!

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