Fox & Hound MTB Race Series Registration (August 16 ONLY)




Register for all 4 race nights ($10)
August 16

*no refunds on registration.

What is a fox and hound race?
There will be 4 events that make up the series. Each rider’s time for their lap will be collected and used for the following weeks to determine the riders start time. Slowest rider starts first and the fastest rider starts last. Points are awarded for finishing positions and the starting positions for the next week are reset based on the new finishing time (you don’t have to be the fastest to win!) 🙂  The hound (fastest rider) will get a t-shirt to wear identifying them and start last one the course.
  • The course will be flagged and stay the same for the series. Approximately 10km.
  • Starting location: Baseball diamond in Kinsmen Park at Hiawatha Highlands. Starts at 7:00 pm.
  • Series winners will get a special prize (and bragging rights!)
  • Singles or teams of 2 (Parent/Child – 1 registration required only).
  • *You must be a 2023 Sault Cycling Club member to participate.
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