Fort Creek Conservation Area

The Fort Creek trails can be accessed off of the Fort Creek section of the Hub Trail.

These trails are maintained by locals in the area who walk and snowshoe them. Most of these trails have a lot of walking traffic so they are typically packed down relatively quickly after a snow fall. As always, please be respectful of other traffic. Hikers/walkers always have the right-of-way.

Please note that these trails are not maintained or sanctioned by the Sault Cycling Club.
⚠️ Ride at your own risk.


Recommended Skill Level

Beginner – Intermediate

East Side Connector – Relatively flat with some punchy short up/downhills.

West Dam Site Trail – Relatively flat with a very steep and tricky down/uphill and the South end of the trail. Use caution.

Intermediate – Advanced

Plateau Trail – Please ride this clock-wise. This crosses the bottom of the sledding hill and enters the bush. A punchy technical uphill follows and the next while is flat. Take a right when you see one and continue past the apartment buildings and stay left. The trail will wind through some trees and then drop into some down/uphills that parallel 2nd Line (you can hear the traffic – kinda fun!). It dumps out near the parking lot and you will probably have to hike-a-bike back to the parking lot or trail.

East side loop – This is a mix of two-way and loop traffic. There are very steep/blind uphill and downhill sections here. Be extremely cautious!!

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