Red Pine

The Red Pine trails have easier, intermediate and difficult sections. The are many different loops you can take depending on how long you want to ride. The trails paralleling Fifth Line are on a relatively flat bench.  The trails to the south (e.g., Holiday, Rabbit Run) are below the bench and have significant descending/climbing.

Red Pine Map

Trail Information

Location: Trailhead located at the top of Landslide Hill just before it meets Fifth Line.
Parking: Small parking area to the right of the trailhead sign, or park in the main lot off of Fifth Line next to the blue ski building.
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.
Distance: 14 km

Red Pine Mini - Red Signs (2.7 km)

This trail is great for beginners or an add on to your ride when you’re short on time. It’s got a little something for everyone. You’ll start easy on Wolf Tree and Penny Lane. Don’t miss your right turn towards Tricky Bit (if you’ve hit the double track / ski trail head back about 20 feet). Tricky Bit tends to stay muddy year round. Keep your speed up through it to get some air off the small bridge at the end (easily rollable). You’ll travel through the Magic Forest and tall pines. Nearing the end keep an eye open on your right and you can test out your skills on some log rolls. Meadow will take you to Daisy Dudes where there are some flowy ups and downs. Left will take you through some 2-track back towards the trailhead. A bit of a climb will bring you through to Jakalmon and back to the parking lot.

Red Pine Main - Red Signs (2.3 km)

This loop will take you through some flowy old-school singletrack before descending down to a lower section that’ll wind back up to the top area within the red pines. You’ll start on Big Bird, then Korker, be taken to Sesame Street which starts out like a bit of a rooty pumptrack. See how far you can get without pedaling while on Sesame Street! You’ll then go straight on Cattle Run which has some roots and quick turns which ends in a quick descent. Foxtrot will wind you back up to the top with Giro. Once you catch your breath you’ll connect back with the Red Pine Mini loop heading towards the trailhead.

Stickman Drive - Pink Signs (1.7 km)

Stickman Drive loop starts with Bert and Ernie and then onto downhill fun with Stickman Drive!! Be prepared to smile hard before you have to climb back out. This trail will bring you out to the yellow Holiday loop or back onto the main red pine.

Rabbit Run - Purple Signs (2.2 km)

Add a little more to your ride by chasing some rabbits (kidding, but you may see one!). You'll flow down to this loop that has some tight corners and fun flow that'll roll you into the Fish Bowl before you climb back out to the start. Note: This trail tends to pool water after recent rains.

Holiday - Yellow Signs (2.7 km)

Umaface is a classic singletrack with some slippery roots to challenge you. It flows into Swoop which has a technical rooty drop (be careful) that swoops you up the other side. Some more roots will take you into Fern Gulley through some windy trail that doesn’t have as many ferns now as the end of Umaface does. Next is Holiday, where Madonna’s song Holiday will play in your head - a punchy climb will lead you to trail that has been cut through the ebb and flow of the terrain. You’ll then end up on some 2-track heading back towards the Red Pine Main loop.

Cliffhanger - Turquoise Signs (1.5 km)

This trail section is rated black. Test your technical skills by riding large rocks, tree roots and ridges. Classic technical tricky singletrack. This trail is for advanced riders and flows 2-ways. One direction will bring you back out onto the end of the main trail just before the trailhead, or you can begin it near the trailhead. Test your patience, fitness and abilities by trying this trail both ways.

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