June 1st Wednesday Nighter

Ride Departs Crimson Ridge at 6:30pm.  I will not be able to attend due to conflict with Club Executive Meeting.

A few points before outlining the ride details:

  1. Tonight’s Route will include some hills and some gravel.  We will also have a route option for those not comfortable riding skinny tired bikes on gravel.
  2. The Golf League at Crimson is Wednesday Nights so the parking lot and road to the clubhouse will be busy.  Please by mindful/respectful of the golfers.  A reminder that we are not racing up the Crimson Hill (despite the fact that there happens to be a Strava segment there.  Exercise restraint folks; no one will think less of you for a slow segment time)

Red Rock Route (which includes a gravel section)

Fourth Line to Allens; south on Allens to Thurd; west on Third to Maki.  Make a right on Maki and slog up the hill.  There’s about a 7km gravel section before descending to Red Rock.  Please do not be a hero on the descent.  This is not the Giro D’Italia, we are not on closed roads and you are not Vincenzo Nibali.  There are some blind corners so please stay on the proper side of the road.  Make a left at the bottom of the hill and then continue to the end of the road before turning around and heading back.  Climb back up Red Rock continuing to Maki back to Third.  Same commentary applies descending down Maki.  Head back to Fourth line and the finish will top of the Fourth Line Hill.

Gros Cap Route

Just a simple classic Gros Cap Route for those who choose not to ride the gravel.  Head to Second Line (via Fourth/Allens/Third/Town Line); ride to Gros Cap and come back.

Have fun Everyone.  Sorry I can’t attend.  Island Ride will start sometime this month.


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