Trail Etiquette for Winter Riding

Trail Etiquette: Rules & Guidelines for the Trails

Ensure Trails are Open

Check out our Grooming Report before you head out. Do NOT ride if the trails are soft. Even if the trails are open, do not ride if you’re sinking in more than an inch. Use common sense: the goal is to not damage the trails.

Have a Valid Trail Pass (if required)

Fat bikers are required to have a valid trail pass on some properties such as Hiawatha Highlands and Crimson Ridge. Show your support to the hard work that goes in to keeping trails groomed by purchasing a pass. (*No dogs allowed on groomed trails)

Yield to Other Trail Users

⚠️ Be especially careful at all crossings.
Pay attention to skiers when on or crossing ski trails. Communicate with all other trail users and give the right-of-way to snowshoers and skiers. Announce your presence if it is not known.

Fat Bikes Only (No Regular Mountain Bikes Allowed)

Tires must be wider than 3.5″ and tire pressure must be less than 8 psi to ensure enough flotation to not damage the trails and to provide adequate traction. Recommended psi will generally be posted with grooming reports.

Riding & Crossing Ski Trails

When riding on the ski trail, the goal is not to damage it. Do not ride if trails are soft and tires leave ruts. If riding on the ski trail, move to the farthest left of the trail. When crossing the ski trail, ensure to keep your momentum and continue to the next fat bike trail. Stopping will leave footprints which can ruin the classic and skate grooming for skiers. If you need to stop, do so on the farthest left of the trail.

Be a Good Trail Ambassador

Stay polite and be courteous to all other users. Spread the word about fat biking!! Educate other riders, follow the rules (and intent of the rules) and discourage bad behaviour. Make it fun. Keep it safe.

No dogs on groomed trails 🙂

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