2017 Goulais Ave Hill Climb Results

We just finished a successful revival of the annual Goulais Ave hill climb.  Congratulations to our overall winners, Ben (M) and Danielle (F) and a special mention to Joel for being the only one with the chutzpah to ride a fixed gear bike!  Jim was there with a camera, so we’ll post some photos soon.

Full results:

  1. 8:27 Ben Warnock (M)
  2. 8:38 Dan Brosemer (M)
  3. 9:22 Joel Wenham (M, SS)
  4. 9:29 Mika Jylha (M)
  5. 9:54 Javad Ghassemkhani (M)
  6. 9:55 Reg Peer (M)
  7. 10:42 Danielle Anstess (F)
  8. 11:00 Robert Symington-Jones (M)
  9. 16:41 Sarah Williamson (F)
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