Road Ride

This week’s road ride will move out to Richard’s Landing on St. Joe’s Island. We’ll meet at the lighthouse in Richard’s landing for seven. 

Per an interesting request, the A and B rides will follow the same route every week with three weeks of sprint regroups in different locations followed by the forth week as a self timed event. This week we’ll have three sprints: 

Sprint 1 will be on Gilbertson Hill from the left on 548 to the next left on 548.

Sprint 2 will be on Hilton Rd. from 10th Line to 20th Line.

Sprint 3 will be up Gawas Bay hill from F&G Line to the Sportsman’s Storage sign at the top of the hill.


The C ride is planned for a 21km loop that can be expanded quite a bit at the end depending on how our legs are feeling and how much we love hills.

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